Eseria is a collection of three small continents separated by a great sea. To the north lies The Spine, a frozen mountain range, and Highreach the mountain fortress of Nessorath. To the east lies The Green Vale, home of the Elves of The Great Wood and the reclusive Dwarves of Frost Forge Mountain. To the west lies The Bloom Coast and the great Kingdoms of Men, so named for its mild winters and year-round flowers, so thick that they hang off of the high cliff face coast on the western edge. North of that lies The Frozen Barony, where the massive tower, The God’s Eye, stands vigilant over Eseria.

The People

Kingdoms of Men

The kingdoms of men are defined by specific lines of heritage lines with male successors are considered unbroken and valid. Lines with no living male heir are considered broken and subject to contest under a military culture similar feudalism. New lines may also be formed by anyone able to create an army.

The Unbroken Lines


The Broken Lines


The Elven Forests

The many clans of elves in Eseria stay for the most part in their forest cities, mostly in The Great Wood but also in the newly formed city of Kal’Imir in The Bloom Coast. They live under the rule of the one true Elf queen Marial.

The Dwarves of Frost Forge Mountain

Reclusive by nature and jealously protective of their secrets the Dwarves of Frost Core, an underground city built deep into the heart of the Frost Forge Mountain, keep to themselves, usually only leaving to trade.


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