Campaign Summary

The land of Eseria, a once-united kingdom under an alliance of Men and Elves, finds itself under siege. Nessorath, The Shattered Sky, the last dragon and Lord-Emperor of Highreach wages an end war against mortal sovereignty. His vast army of Crixarian, mercenaries, and slaves power his unstoppable war machine. His campaign nears its end and only a handful of free cities escape his grasp.

The remaining resistance is gathered under Marshall Tirinin of Amberose, The Crimson Tear and his Lieutenant Marshall Farloth as they make preparations for the defense of Amberose and potentially their last stand. The Dwarves remain holed up in Frost Forge Mountain, hoping to weather the storm as they have before. The God’s Eye remains untouched as does it’s sanctuary city. It seems Nessorath does not yet have the power to assault the Tower of the Gods or perhaps he’s just saving it for last.

The war so far has been long and hard for you but you’ve taken to it well, finding your place in Nessorath’s Elite Eternal. You are part of a small team of operatives for his most dangerous and suicidal missions and you have never failed. That is, until today.


War has always been part of Eseria, this one seemed no different. You know that before the war all of the cities in the Domain of Highreach have prospered under, for lack of a better way to describe it, Nessorath’s benevolent tyranny. So spreading that didn’t seem like such a terrible idea. You can decide how you all joined his army and how you progressed, but you need to end up as part of a small group of specialists. You’re probably citizens of Northreach or one of the smaller towns Niz’Ver or Niz’Gol. The session will start with you being called into the command tent at camp.

Campaign Summary

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